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What is Brainstam?

Brainstam B.V. provides Continuous Delivery as a service. We do that with a consortium of enthusiastic developers, hosting partners and professionals who deliver a complete DevOps environment for working under Continuous Delivery as a total package. This package consists of the managed hosted Continuous Delivery Service, but we also provide guidance and training for working with the tooling as well as helping you to organise your development to become quickly productive. We call this entire package "Brainstam".

How can I benefit?

Setting up Continuous Delivery on your own is time consuming so benefits will come late when your teams are long underway. With Brainstam you can start immediately for a fraction of the cost. No need to hire experts yourself. Brainstam is based on common tool components which are integrated in one environment.


How does it work?

When your organisation decides to start with our Continuous Delivery solution we will guide you through the necessary steps:

  • Perform an Intake based on a maturity scan to position you on our Continuous Delivery DevOps Maturity scale;
  • Support you for setting up an Agile project within your organisation to implement Continuous Delivery;
  • Make available a completely pre-configured Continuous Integration and deployment platform, either cloud bases as a service or on your own servers;
  • Support your development teams in migration towards working under Continuous Delivery by giving training, reorganise the code-base they are working on, introduce automatic testing, etc.;
  • Report progress regularly towards your management.

More information

Brainstam B.V.
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